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custody tips

and tasting

Tasting order

  • Preferably serve the whites before the reds

  • Serve the reds before the sweet whites (with the exception of sweet wines accompanying foie gras)

  • Start with a young wine and end with an old wine

  • A light wine will precede a full-bodied wine

  • In any case, we should never regret the previous wine.


  • Great Red Wines 16 to 18°

  • Old red wines: 18 to 20°

  • In general, it is better to have a slightly chilled red wine that can be “chambered” slightly in the glass rather than a too “hot” wine that cannot be cooled.

Decanting and decanting

  • For old red wines, decantation consists of separating any deposits that could interfere with tasting.

  • It is an operation to be done  very carefully so as not to "shock" the wine, which is more fragile.

  • For young wines, decanting consists of aerating the wine to allow the tannins to round off and the aromas to explode.

  • The operation should be done just before the tasting for old wines and 1 hour before for young wines.


Each region has its preference for its type of wine.

For BORDEAUX the glass must be transparent in order to be able to fully appreciate its color.

It will have a foot long enough to hold it in hand without risking heating it.

It will be large enough, constricted towards the top in the shape of a tulip to allow  swirl the wine.

The aromas  will then express themselves and remain focused in the glass. 

Agreements for


Thanks to the Merlot, the wines of Château HAUT PIQUAT can already be appreciated in the young years

By expressing all its aromas of red fruits.

Deli meats, red meats, white meats, both hard and soft cheeses

Will go wonderfully with this wine.

As it ages, the tannins soften. You have to be careful, however, with strong cheeses which would dominate the wine too much.

With its 100% Merlot LAFLEUR from Château HAUT PIQUAT  can be enjoyed young but has superior aging potential.

It can also accommodate more elaborate dishes such as duck breasts, tournedos or game  

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